The best signs in Brisbane – my latest project

I’ll start off by saying that the title of this post may be a little misleading…no I’m not signwriting, but I am working with a business who make signs in Brisbane - they actually came to me in a round about way through Brisbane council.

I’ve worked with a number of local service type businesses before, but never a signage company. I never realised just how many different types of signs there were out there for businesses – and the things I didn’t even know existed like pylon signs, vehicle wraps and lightbox signs, so this business has also added a few new words to my vocabulary.

Having such a huge range of different types of signage products means we need a wide ranging approach to get the business out there and target the varying range of businesses they can service and work with.

So what are we doing? Well I won’t spill all the beans, you’ll have to pay me for that :-P but here’s a few:

Giving guidance on choosing the right business signs

We all know that a huge trend in marketing, and particularly online is providing a lot of value up front, with valuable information that your prospects will appreciate. so we’re developing some information that both new and existing businesses should find useful in regards to signage and other advertising in Brisbane.

Alot of this is about developing early relationships, so while we won’t see an immediate return, it should be a sustainable growth that accumulates over time.

The other thing that is great is that this signage business has over a decade of experience in their industry, so there is a lot of data for me to work off, and past experiences to draw from.

From the types of businesses they produce signs for, to the way that their processes work, there’s not much that isn’t already defined which makes my job easier in a sense.

In my last post, I said I’d be back updating this blog much more frequently, and I think this is a good start. I am short on time as usual so haven’t put a lot of details in, but I’ll be back with more.

Here’s a great youtube video to give you a taste of the sort of business.

Where have I been in the marketing world?

I set this blog up nearly a year ago now, and the intention was to share my observations about the online marketing landscape, and some of the alternative/creative ways people are using to get their brands and marketing message out there.

While I haven’t updated the blog in quite some time now, I am still completely immersed in the marketing space and am learning everyday from the things I find – I really just haven’t had time to update the blog here. I have been working with a range of businesses on a few different exciting projects and have learnt an awful lot over the past six months.

I am getting back into a better schedule now, and hope to start sharing more about what I have found – and ultimately, the things that can help you and your business succeed online.

If there is anything in particular that you would like me to write about, or even research a little more to give you my opinion on, then please let me know in the comments. As you can see from past blog posts, I do write about a range of industries, from online fashion e-commerce to local businesses and everything in between.

While my intentions are to update this space a lot more regularly from now on, I am learning that I actually can’t fit everything in and sometimes have to let things slide to keep my sanity. So I may go MIA for a while again, but will be back when I can.

Right now I’m off to work on some exciting things to help out a local business that I have just started working with.

Marketing new vintage clothes to the hipster crowd

Fashion marketing and copywriting is something that often intrigues and amuses me. Seriously, there’s only so many different ways you can write about and describe clothing. As much as the fashion industry likes to believe things are ‘new’, what’s new is usually a bring back of something popular in the past.

The hipster trend has been steadily gaining popularity since 2010. Now being a ‘hipster’ is meant to be about alot more than just the clothes you wear, but I think the actual fashion appeals to alot of people who don’t live the hipster lifestyle. I find it interesting that what is now marketed as hipster fashion, is really just either unique, vintage finds from op-shops and the like, or new clothes designed to look a little vintage or quirky. But not quirky enough that they no longer appeal to the young crowd who are quite mainstream but want to feel a bit unique or retro. Take a look at clothes, they’re marketed as ‘hipster fashion’ (and quite well1), but it’s not all that different from general clothes that the young mainstream market would have in their wardrobes today.

A major item that has been adopted by the mainstream is hipster style glasses, you know the large black, slightly nerdy looking frames that at the same time make the wearer look ultra cool and unique. Though I do see this trend getting to the point where so many people wear it that it’s no longer different, but you actually blend in with the crowd.

It’s also difficult to distinguish, as the hipster style isn’t as recognisable as say the punk or gothic trends we saw in the 1990′s and 2000′s. They were styles where you could see someone wearing a particular type of clothing and know immediately what subculture they belonged to.

I’m keeping an eye out for more interesting ways that normal clothes are sold in the fashion industry as a particular style with clever marketing. I’ll be updating shortly :-)

Beginner sewing machines online

Again this post comes from a personal shopping experience – I’m learning to sew and am in the market for a sewing machine. I like to shop for everything online so off to Google I went. I came across some awesome sites that gave reviews, comparisons and recommendations of different sewing machines best for novices, (check out All ready to buy – I then realised that none of these machines could be shipped to Australia. Spotlight why don’t you have an online store? So I searched for reviews of machines I could buy in Australia – there is next to nothing out there! If anyone has some expertise in this area – there’s an opportunity there for you to get your expertise out online.

There’s also a massive opportunity for a big Austrailan retailer to dominate e-commerce just like Amazon does in the US. You can buy pretty much anything on Amazon, but in Australia, there are things that you just can’t buy online. There are a few retailers that sell sewing machines online, but there’s not a huge choice or range out there. Then there’s not alot of places to check reviews which I think is vital when you’re making a purchase like this as a novice who doesn’t really know what to look for. It took years for the big department stores like Myer and DJ’s to even set up an online store, and now that they do have them, it’s only a select range of stock available.

To me it would make sense for Spotlight to have all their stock online, they’re definitely the dominating player in the DIY and home crafting industry in Austraila, yet they’re still stuck in the dark ages of catalogue home ordering. Maybe in 10 years time they’ll catch up, who knows!

Prada bags in Australia

Prada saffianoHigh end designer items are quite expensive if you buy them in Australia – which leads most Aussies to buy these items online usually from the US or UK. Prada is no exception to this, if you buy it in Australia – the item can be about 30% more expensive than buying overseas. The Government’s current proposal to put a 10% tax on online purchases over $1000 from overseas is just ridiculous – we buy designers bags and other items overseas because we just get ripped off by Australian retailers. I think the Aussie retailers need to stop complaining about losing some of their business to overseas online stores and step up their game – offer a better product range, better service (that’s another post in itself), and offer a better price! Then we wouldn’t need to shop overseas – problem solved. Anyway, I got started on this because I’m in the market for a Prada saffiano lux tote, this site has some awesome guides on where to find designer items online at the best price.

For those who are interested in the gorgeous bag, here’s a review on youtube:

Landscaping site helping local pool builders on the Gold Coast

Pool builders gold coast promotion helpI’ve been researching unconventional marketing tactics of late, and while this one isn’t that unconventional, it isn’t something I have seen discussed often until recently. Or maybe it has been and I just haven’t noticed. Anyway, the tactic is ‘giving value’ and then in the long run, that will come back to benefit you. A great example I found is this landscaping site that helps local businesses get more customers by using their online marketing skills. As an example, check out this page for pool building contractors on the Gold Coast I imagine the business profiled on this page is benefiting greatly from not only the traffic to this page, but also the great review of the business and their pool construction and design services.

Perhaps something to think about including in your own marketing plan? This link might also be helpful.